PJW Automotive: Where customer service & doing everything right come first

Blake and Joe are the skilled technicians at PJW that can help with your auto needs.

PWJ Auto is located on Old Highway 8, close to the Interstate 35 interchange.

At PJW Automotive, owner Pat Whelan emphasizes well-timed, consistent maintenance ... and for good reason. Regular maintenance keeps older vehicles running well and out on the road. 

For many folks, it’s the most economical path, especially when compared to paying monthly payments for a new car, and higher license tabs and insurance premiums.


Budget for the life of your vehicle

PJW Automotive, located in New Brighton just a half-mile north of Beisswenger’s on Old Highway 8, keeps detailed records of every vehicle’s repairs, and its technicians -- Joe or Blake -- will always be honest about what needs to be fixed immediately and what can wait. 

“We’ll take care of your vehicle in the most affordable way possible,” Whelan says.

The business is growing so much so that it expects to add another technician this year.

Whelan, with more than 37 years in the business, and Mike London, with roughly 16 years at PJW, can advise you on what needs to be done so you don’t have to tackle that intimidating, 300-page owner’s manual on your own. 

They recommend bringing in your vehicle -- car or light truck -- a couple of times a year for a thorough courtesy inspection.

Changes are coming to PJW Automotive. After running the business for more than 30 years, Whelan is planning to step down towards the end of the year. London will be taking over front office duties. 

Whelan smiles as he describes London as a younger version of himself. 

London adds that the philosophy of PJW is not going to change. It will continue to be “customer service is first and striving to do everything right.”

He explains, “There’s a lot of memories working on customers’ cars. It’s nice to start putting faces with the license plates and the cars that I’ve always remembered.” 


Planned maintenance saves money

London says it’s easy to overlook dashboard warning lights, but emphasizes that they are there for a reason. The warning lights transmit valuable information to motorists and let them know when their vehicle is misbehaving.

PJW Automotive has the same level of diagnostic equipment as any Ford or General Motors dealership in the Twin Cities, Whelan notes, along with the means to update vehicles’ sophisticated operating software in order to keep them running smoothly and avoid costly towing bills.

Boasting full-wheel alignment capabilities, PJW also recently updated its car hoists, London says, in order to accommodate lifting newer vehicles, for more effective maintenance and repairs.

Mechanics at PJW Automotive are ASE-certified and participate in yearly live and web-based training to stay current.

The shop is active in the community as well. From helping Cars for Neighbors, Inc., a program that accepts donated cars that PJW Auto repairs for free, which are then given to needy Anoka County residents through the program, to sponsoring teams in the Irondale Youth Hockey Association and NSC Velodrome, Whelan recognizes the importance of giving back. 

A bright, spacious waiting area, complete with free beverages, free Wi-Fi, comfy seating and at times even a small Pomeranian named Max, will keep you comfortable should you care to wait while your vehicle is being serviced.

Once the weather warms up, PJW even has a bicycle on call from nearby CARS Bike Shop so you can go for a ride while technicians keep your vehicle ready for the road.

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