Letter: Response to editorial

To the editor:

A Feb. 6 editorial by State Representative Lohmer regarding Gov. Dayton's budget made it sound like we middle class people will go broke if the Governor's budget is adopted. 

Since I have not studied the budget as minutely as Rep. Lohmer has, I will assume every tax she says will be in his budget is accurate. I do not think, however, these taxes will be as onerous as she would have us believe. 

However, we should call Rep. Lohmer's attention to something she already knows: We have a $1.1 billion deficit that by state law must be remedied. I'm sure her response to this would be something echoed by the cartoon adjacent to her editorial, and that is that we must cut spending. That works until we ask EXACTLY what spending we should cut. This is what we don't get from the right wingers. 

I would very much like to hear what she and others of her political bent would suggest here. Slamming the Governor's proposals without giving us an alternative is not helpful. What should be cut? Services to the poor? Assistance for the unemployed? Funds for education or hospitals or firefighters or road work? And let's remember that each cut of this kind will cut jobs. 

Is that what we want? Please tell us so we can make a rational decision. 

Paul Pallmeyer
Lake Elmo

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