New Brighton’s mapping website upgraded

The city of New Brighton recently unveiled its newly upgraded interactive mapping website. The site is used by city staff, planners, developers and the general public to access aerial photos, information about land parcels, crime statistics, voting precincts and more.

New Brighton has had an interactive mapping system available to the public since 2006, but mapping technology has improved substantially since then.

“We decided that we needed to upgrade what we had in place,” New Brighton GIS Analyst Mark Andrle said. “The site has a lot of the same features as before, but has some new tools and is more user friendly.”

The maps on the website were created using the city’s Geographic Information System (GIS), which integrates hardware, software and data compiled from several city, county, state and federal resources to capture and display various geographical information that can be viewed and analyzed.

There are multi-layered public works maps, planning and zoning maps, parcel maps, public safety maps and park maps available on the website.  

The maps can be very detailed, but Andrle said that the main use for residents is to quickly access basic information.

“You can go on the site and get information on a city park, see an aerial view of that park and then find the best trail to get you there, for example” Andrle said.

Another common use is to access property information. Users can click on an individual parcel and get information on that parcel such as: the property’s address, owner, square footage, property taxes paid and the assessed market value of the property.

Community Development Director Grant Fernelius said they have received a lot of public requests for information over the past few years.

“We are trying to provide easy access to public information by having it available in one place,” Fernelius said. “We will build on what we have now as more public data becomes available.”

There is a link to the upgraded mapping website on the city of New Brighton homepage.


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