Pink pelvic protector goes missing in N.B.

Pink pelvic protector goes missing in N.B.

All alliteration aside, a 26-year-old hockey player and bowler lost a load of sports equipment between Feb. 19-22 from her vehicle parked in the underground garage of her apartment building in the 300 block of Old Hwy. 8 S.W. “I’m not sure if the car was locked,” she told police. Gone was a large, black bag containing youth shin guards, red elbow pads, red shoulder pads, black breezers, hockey sox, skates, a white helmet and a pink pelvic protector. Also carried off were a hockey stick, a pair of size six-and-one half- bowling shoes and a red storm bowling bag containing a blue and orange “Nano” bowling ball.

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Arden Hills

• The girlfriend ran his car into a snow bank the morning of Feb. 22, the boyfriend gave her ‘what for’ and the girlfriend slapped him silly. The 34-year-old called 911 and the 28-year-old woman was booked at the Ramsey County Jail on charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

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Mounds View

No tea party
• Guests at the party in the 5400 block of Jackson Drive Feb. 17 reported total losses in excess of $1,200 when cell phones, jewelry, and stereo equipment went missing. No suspects.

Field trip
• A suspect speeding down County Road I in rush hour Feb. 15, with a bail bondsman in hot pursuit, crashed his car at County Hwy. 10, injuring his passenger. The 26-year-old Blaine driver took off on foot after the crash but was collared by officers. He was jailed on a charge of criminal vehicular operation resulting in injury, and a felony warrant for his arrest on a weapons complaint. The 22-year-old woman was ambulanced to a nearby hospital with undetermined injuries.

Laying in the street
• Officers righted a 21-year-old woman who was laying in Woodcrest Drive the afternoon of Feb. 17, refusing to get up. The woman assaulted a staffer from a nearby group home and spit at an officer. She was returned to the group home. No charges.

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New Brighton

• A vehicle eastbound on County Road D the afternoon of Feb. 24 rear-ended another vehicle at Old Hwy. 8 S.W., began weaving and ran a red light. The 72-year-old female driver then lost control, hit a light pole, rolled and slid down the roadway, blocking both lanes of County Road D. Paramedics treated the woman, whose head was pinned between her door and the roadway, before being extricated by Roseville Fire and Rescue and transported by ambulance to HCMC. The New Brighton resident “suffered severe injuries, but should recover,“ according to a hospital spokesperson. 

Loud party
• There were only two people at the party, the host and the guest, and both wound up in the Ramsey County Jail. Officers responded to neighbor complaints of “yelling and banging” just before midnight. Less than two hours later, the officers were back in response to more noise complaints, telling the pair they could hear them from the other end of the building. The 27-year-old Robbinsdale man who refused to leave, and the 25-year-old New Brighton man who wouldn’t shut up, were both jailed after resisting arrest.

There goes another Honda
• A 2000 Honda Civic turned up missing overnight Feb. 24 in the lot of an apartment complex in the 1800 block of Old Hwy. 8 N.W. The vehicle was recovered three days later in North Minneapolis.

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North Oaks

• An intoxicated driver rounding a bend on Monarch Way Feb. 21 lost control of his car and wound up in the ditch. The 27-year-old White Bear Lake man, who was given a pass on field sobriety tests “due to balance issues” according to a deputy’s report, was booked at the jail on a DWI charge pending the result of a urine test.

• A meat market on Village Center Drive was burgled overnight Feb. 22. An employee arriving for work found the front door smashed in, the register pried open and the “start-up” money gone. No suspects.

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St. Anthony

• An Intoxicated, out-of-control 24-year-old was “calmed down” in the 3000 block of Croft Drive and released to the custody of her parents.

Late report
• On Feb. 16, a 47-year-old man informed police about the theft of his cell phone from his vehicle, about “4 or 5 years ago.”

• A soil compactor, valued at $15,000 was stolen Feb. 12 from a fenced area behind an apartment complex in the 2500 block of Kenzie Terrace. A word of warning to the thief: soil compactors are dangerous machines in inexperienced hands.

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• A 33-year-old Roseville man, with an order for protection against him from the 30-year-old wife, stopped by her place Feb. 20 and came in through an unlocked door to see if he could use their car. She said no, he “put his hands on her,” and she called 911. The husband was jailed on charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault, disorderly conduct and violating an order for protection.

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Vadnais Heights

Coming back for more
• When deputies answered a disturbance call at the bar in the 3800 block of Labore Road around midnight Feb. 23, security had the unruly patron outside and on the ground. The 23-year-old White Bear Lake man, who had attempted to start a fight earlier, then kicked out of the bar but came back later and started getting things going again, was booked at the jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

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