Substance empties office building

Substance empties office building

A suspicious substance found in an envelope at a Shoreview bank call center on Park View Drive the afternoon of April 25 resulted in the evacuation of 500 employees. The building was sealed off until it can be decontaminated. The substance was sent to the state Department of Health for analysis. There is not any suspected danger to the surrounding neighborhood, according to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department. An investigation continues.

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Arden Hills

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Mounds View

All the young dudes
• When a man with a bloody face showed up at a local gas station the night of April 14, employees called police. The 19-year-old Blaine victim said he had been assaulted at a party on Red Oak Drive. Police arrived at the party and arrested an 18-year-old woman and seven male and female juveniles for underage consumption of alcohol. The 19-year-old assault victim was arrested on the same charge. Everyone involved was from out of the area except a daughter of the homeowners, who were not on the scene. The suspect in the assault was not found. A 47-year-old woman who had been left in charge to make sure everything stayed on the up and up, is under investigation.

Arrested again?
• This fellow managed to get himself arrested twice within minutes. It started with a driver being pulled over for a missing license plate and no license plate light. Is a light required if you don’t have a plate? That’s a question for another day, but in this case, a passenger in the vehicle was yelling and screaming at the officer to such a degree, the 33-year-old Minneapolis man was cited for disorderly conduct. The pair in the vehicle then left for a nearby trailer park where the screaming and yelling man was arrested again after management of the park called police because the unwanted man was violating a “no trespassing” order filed against him as a result of a previous incident.

Bomb threat
• A bomb threat was phoned to the management of a hotel the afternoon April 12 in the 2200 block of County Hwy. 10. Two bomb-sniffing dogs were sent from the MSP Airport Police and went to work, but no bomb was found. An investigation continues.

• A Bobcat skid loader waiting patiently for the next snow dump in the parking lot of the movie theater in the 2400 block of County Hwy. 10 was stolen during the first few days of April. Ignition keys for the $20,000 machines are available for a couple of bucks on the Internet, but the bad guys already know that.

• In police lingo, a “theft” is typically an inside job, featuring people who have a right to be there. A “burglary” is an outside job, starring those who do not have a right to be there. In this case, a guest left an apartment on County Road I on April 9. Later, $4,000 was found to have gone missing from a dresser drawer. The guest denied involvement. The incident was classified as a “theft.”

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New Brighton

• A man found asleep behind the wheel in Long Lake Regional Park next to an open can of beer on the center console was arrested by police the morning of April 22. The 58-year-old Shoreview man, who tested .12 percent BAC on the Datamaster, was charged with second-degree DWI based on two previous alcohol-related convictions. His ‘99 Ford Taurus, which actually belongs to his wife, was impounded for forfeiture.

• For lack of a turn signal April 23, two men were arrested just after midnight, one going to jail. A 19-year-old Detroit, Mich. man was pulled over on Silver Lake Road after he failed to signal a lane change. He was cited for no driver’s license. His passenger, a man with no permanent address, was cited for possession of marijuana and a digital scale. The 21-year-old was also wanted on a St. Louis County gross-misdemeanor warrant for his arrest for contributing to the delinquency of a child. He was booked at the jail. 

There goes another Honda
• A 2000 Honda Civic disappeared in the wee hours of April 24 from the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 1800 block of Old Hwy. 8 N.W. The lack of forced entry evidence suggests the possible use of the “shaved key,” particularly effective with older Hondas.

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North Oaks


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St. Anthony

• A man walking down 37th Avenue at Foss Road was approached by a gang coming from the other direction. One gang member slugged the lone 28-year-old victim in the head after words were exchanged. When the victim said something about calling the police, the gang fled the scene. An investigation continues.

Fresh breath
• A man drinking mouthwash inside a restaurant in the 2600 block of 39th Avenue N.E. April 11 appeared intoxicated. Police were called and the man tested .19 percent BAC. The 62-year-old was quickly on his way to Ramsey County Detox.

My new friends
• “Nice to meet you, can we borrow your car?” A woman let two men whom she had just met use her vehicle April 13. The vehicle was not returned but was later recovered, damaged, at a Lowry Avenue trailer park. The 28-year-old victim’s purse inside the vehicle had been rifled and $60 in cash, an iPod Touch and a credit card were missing. The card had been used for unauthorized transactions amounting to $200. Descriptions of the suspects were given to police.

Passed out
• A man found passed out on the floor of a grocery store April 13 in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road tested .20 percent BAC. The 53-year-old was transported home and released to the custody of an adult.

Slow learner
• Officers arrested a suspect April 14 at 37th Avenue N.E. and Edward Street for felony possession of a fifth-degree controlled substance. That and a felony warrant for possession of a fifth-degree controlled substance sealed the 29-year-old man’s fate at the Ramsey County Jail.

• During the arrest of a shoplifter at a grocery store in the 3900 block of Silver Lake Road April 12, a bottle of liquor was found in the man’s pocket. Checking a nearby liquor store, employees said, in fact, they were missing a bottle of the good stuff. The surveillance tape was checked and, sure enough there was our grocery store shoplifter clutching the $43.99 bottle of high-class hooch. The 42-year-old was cited for both thefts.

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Home invasion
• Mom left the front door unlocked in the 800 block of Dawn Avenue for her son March 18, then went to bed. She was awakened in the wee hours by a slamming door, but no son. Tools valued at $500 were reported missing.

• An East Bethel man, who threatened mom the night of April 9 while brandishing a knife, was taken to a local hospital and placed on a “psych hold.” Mom requested no charges against the 33-year-old, just “get him some help.”

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Vadnais Heights

• This restaurant must serve great food: at least in one man’s opinion, but then he was drunk. The 53-year-old man managed to drive all the way from West St. Paul to an Asian restaurant in the 1000 block of Hwy. 96 without crashing to pick up an order of take-out food. Employees called police. The man, who tested .30 percent BAC, nearly four times the legal limit, was jailed on a second degree blood-alcohol test refusal charge and driving inimical to public safety.

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