Letter: Against cigarette tax

To the editor:

Kudos to George Campbell of St. Paul for speaking out about the cigarette tax for the Vikings Stadium. 

Who voted for this tax to be arbitrarily dumped on smokers; or arbitrarily placed on anyone? Is that move even constitutional?  I don’t remember being asked about it. My representative(s) are supposed to represent ME and I don’t ever recall any one of them asking me (or anyone else) what I wanted.

Why are only smokers targeted? If you’re looking for a way to control “bad” habits why not tax perfume and cologne sales. By the way, did you know that perfume, cologne and after shave contain ingredients (toluene for one) far more carcinogenic than cigarette smoke – even second hand smoke. If you think smoking is irritating, reflect on how many times you’ve sat next to, or near, someone who took a bath in perfume, cologne or aftershave or drowned in the Snuggle fabric softener – headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, coughing, wheezing, your hair and clothes picking up that smell? I have 3 questions for you people; 1) Do you have any nasal passages left? 2) Do you really think the rest of the world wants to smell you? 3) Do you realize how many harmful chemicals you are inflicting on everyone else and yourself?

I think an even more equitable solution would have been to super tax the tickets for the Vikings games – who better to support the stadium than the people who actually go to the games?

Linda Straley

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