Service club celebrates 50 years

Jill Yanish
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The classic TV show Cheers has a twin-like version right in Roseville “where everybody knows your name,” and this bar and restaurant is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The B-Dale Club and community members commended the club’s 50 years of service to the Roseville area on July 13.

“It’s a friendly place to stop by and say ‘hi’ and have a meal,” Kathy Neumen, a 15-year member, said.

The B-Dale Club does more than just serve meals. It is a service organization that contributes and promotes activities in the Roseville community, especially for youth by sponsoring scholarships and athletic programs.

Other charitable causes include Meals on Wheels, transportation services for seniors, Rosefest activities, park improvements and much more.

Throughout the year

The club started with a group of men forming a male-inclusive club that now has grown into a 200-member club.

“When the club was formed 50 years ago, it was a group of guys that were in the neighborhood … they met at a bar and held meetings and raised money,” Ed Lawry, a 28-year member, said.

Although the club has gone through changes along the way, like opening for women membership in 1989, its mission has remained - to serve the community.

“The people here have gone beyond their ways of volunteering to help the Roseville community,” Char Cernia, a 5-year member, said.

Keeping the club alive

Sustaining an independent club is not the easiest task, according to Lawry. The meek membership fees of $24 do not go a long way in supporting the club.

Instead, the club relies on fundraisers, such as its popular Palm Sunday pancake breakfast, pull tabs, hall rentals and its own people.

“We’ve continued to survive for 50 years,” Lawry said. “When things seem like we’re not doing that well, there always seems like someone comes along or there’s a new idea that keeps it going.”

The club also has a key motto: “Keep it simple.”

Debate on expanding the club’s space has resurfaced throughout the years, but Lawry said members have chosen to stick to its basics and be realistic.

Member benefits

Saturday’s 50-year celebration commemorated all members of the club for their dedication to the club and community, while also showing the Roseville community this club that is behind many community endeavors.

Being a member of the B-Dale Club comes with benefits. The club has a twofold purpose – to serve the community and establish friendship among members.

“It’s the reward you get in terms of getting involved with people and with an organization and do something to contribute to the city,” Lawry said.

Cernia’s favorite part about being a B-Dale Club member is getting know the people in the Roseville area and volunteering with other members. Her favorite activity is the annual Halloween bonfire, which brings the community together.

The club meets the first Tuesday of every month. Anyone 18 and older can join. It’s located at 2100 N. Dale St., Roseville.

Jill Yanish can be reached at or at 651-748-7825.

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