Next time, think of your car as a glass showcase for thieves

Plus: Dude! Way to talk yourself into jail! 

South-West Review police reports published Aug. 24, 2014 for Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul and West St. Paul

Inver Grove Heights


— An employee at a car rental business found a gun in a vehicle that had just been returned Aug. 4. The woman who rented the vehicle was contacted. She bought the firearm legally, and didn't have a criminal record, but she was cited for transporting a loaded firearm.


— A woman learned her lesson Aug. 7: A car isn't a great place to store multi-thousand dollar equipment overnight. Equipment belonging to a woman's employer was stolen out of her car in front of her home along the 8200 block of Atlas Avenue, including a $350 laptop and medical EMG scanner equipment worth more than $5,000. Police obtained serial numbers for the equipment and will be notified if it's sold at a pawn shop.

— A woman left her laptop on the back seat of her unlocked car along the 8500 block of Ashton Avenue. The $800 computer was reported stolen Aug. 6.

— Police had a 2014 Toyota Tundra, worth around $38,000, towed Aug. 5. It was the same car reported stolen from a dealership two weeks prior.

— The storage unit at a man's under-construction home was pried open, and $1,500 of tools were stolen overnight Aug. 1-2 along the 9100 block of Dalton Court. Left behind, though, were tire tracks and boot prints, which police photographed as evidence. 


— A man reported Aug. 6 that someone entered his open garage, and stole a $200 GPS and $200 in gift cards from his vehicle along the 7600 block of Bennett Court.


— A 23-year-old Inver Grove Heights man wasn't arrested when he and some friends were urinating in a parking lot of a night club, where they were denied entrance. He was arrested Aug. 6 just after midnight after he threatened police who were summoned to the scene, saying he was a Marine who had better training than the officers and "could kill any cop with his bare hands." Police handcuffed him, and found out he had a Scott County warrant for peddling without a license, and then transported him to jail. In the car, the man didn't let up on his threats; he continued to make comments to officers about how "the military is better than law enforcement and that he could kill any one of us," the police report said. He got his hands in front of him in the squad car, then tried to get officers to buckle his seat belt. The officer told him he could buckle himself, as it was too dangerous for the officer to reach in the back seat to buckle him, due to the man's combative behavior. He was turned over to jail staff.

— At first gas station employees thought he was drunk, passed out in his car in the parking lot early Aug. 3. But he was just tired. The 22-year-old St. Paul man was arrested, though, because his license had been revoked, and he had a warrant out for his arrest for a misdemeanor offense. 

— A 24-year-old woman called the police to turn herself in for an arrest warrant for a theft charge against her, which she said she found out about after she was kicked out of a woman's shelter. 

South St. Paul


— The repo guy's seen both sides now. A man who repossesses vehicles transported a repossessed vehicle in late July, and then about a week later, the vehicle was gone. There were no signs the fenced-in lot was broken into, and there were no cameras. Maplewood police recovered the 1999 Toyota Camry Aug. 19, and made four arrests in connection with the vehicle recovery. 

— A man's motor was stolen off of his boat in late July, but he didn't report it until Aug. 15. The boat was parked at his home in the alley by his garage along the 100 block of 11th Avenue. The motor was worth about $1,000.


— A 23-year-old South St. Paul woman reported her car had been damaged Aug. 18, sometime in the past two days. Green paint had been poured over the 2000 Jeep GCK parking along the 100 block of 13th Avenue. It was poured on the roof, and then dripped down the sides of the car. A paint-can cover was found next to the vehicle. 


— A man was pulled over because his headlight was out July 3, but the real problem was his blood alcohol level. When he was tested about a half an hour after he was pulled over, it was 0.216 percent, significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08. There was a language barrier between the police and the man, so the man had difficulty following directions on the side of the road and back at the station, where police obtained a urine sample to test his blood alcohol level again -- it came back Aug. 18 from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as 0.192 percent, leading to a fourth-degree DUI charge for the man.

— Liar, liar, prints on fire. A 35-year-old West St. Paul man tried to lie to police Aug. 14, saying he has never had an ID before and then giving a false name. But fingerprints don't lie -- through his prints, police found his true identity and that his license had been revoked. Then the man said "he lies to police all the time, because when he is caught driving, he is going to go to jail anyway." Because police thought he wouldn't respond to just a ticket, they arrested him. 

Found property

— And you thought cat poop was the worst thing you could be find in a sandbox. A child dug up a knife with a five-inch blade in her family's sandbox along the 100 block of Third Avenue. The father handed it over to police Aug. 12 in the police department lobby; he didn't know where it came from. 


— Like the beginning of a scary movie, at about 11 p.m. Aug. 15, a man was in his room watching television when he heard a noise coming from his roommate's bedroom. His roommate wasn't home. Bravely, he went into the room, removed the curtain from the window and saw the screen had been pushed out and the window cracked open. He called police, who noticed there were pry marks on the window frame. The victim said it's the third time someone's tried to break into his apartment through the window. The first time happened about a month ago. Bum, bum, buuum.

West St. Paul

Community policing

— Every once in a while, a little information leaves you wanting more. An officer stopped by a lemonade stand Aug. 18, just to buy some lemonade and chat with the two kids running the stand about the most fun thing they did this summer. No information was released on what that fun thing was. 

Suspicious person

— Sounds like you can never be too cautious. A woman reported Aug. 18 that she's concerned people are posting things on Facebook about copycatting a movie where everything is legal for one day. The movie's called "The Purge." She said she saw "The Purge" was coming to St. Paul on Aug. 31, and wanted to know what precautions she should be taking. Police advised her that it sounded like a social media hoax, but if she was concerned, she should stay inside that day. 


— A 9 mm gun was stolen from a car Aug. 13 along the 1200 block of Cherokee Avenue.

— Two bikes were reported stolen Aug. 13 along the 1500 block of Bellows Street. 


— A homeowner reported Aug. 15 that a burglary occurred some time within the last three weeks at the house along the 1000 block of Hall Avenue. Blood reportedly was all over the floor inside. 


— A woman said she was robbed Aug. 18 by a man who had a gun at an apartment complex. The female then went into the hallway, screaming for someone to call police. There were no reported injuries.


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