Homeless man found frozen in Indian Mounds Park

A 58-year-old man was found dead in a makeshift shack in Indian Mounds Park over the weekend.
According to police, the man was found on Saturday, Feb. 21 around noon by someone who was walking in the area. His body was frozen by the time he was found.
The man was homeless, according to St. Paul Police spokesperson Steve Linders, and was found to have an identity card from Union Gospel Mission. A cause of death has not been officially determined.
Union Gospel Mission is a homeless shelter located a couple miles from the park in downtown St. Paul.
Brian Molohon, director of development for Union Gospel Mission, said the I.D. badges are given to every person who comes to the mission for services, whether the person actively participates in programming or just shows up for an occasional meal. 
Molohon called the news "tragic" and said the man would have been able to find shelter at the mission.
"Especially with this bitter cold, nobody's turned away. There's no reason to have to be out on the street."
Molohon said staff hadn't heard the news of the man's death, and didn't know who it might be. Police have not released his name yet, because they have yet to locate next of kin.
Molohon added that typically he'd hear of one person dying from cold weather exposure each year in Minnesota. However, the past couple winters he couldn't think of any cases of homeless people dying in the cold that had been reported. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
"Sadly," he said, "when this happens, more often than not it never makes anybody's headlines. They just pass away.
"For most of the poor and the homeless, they go nameless and faceless."
-- Patrick Larkin
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