In Memory: St. Paul Patrolman James T. Sackett, Sr.

St. Paul Patrolman James T. Sackett, Sr.

It’s been a long 45 years
Life’s been a struggle with plenty of tears

Your dream of being a Policeman had finally come true
You were so proud to wear the uniform of blue
Saying goodbye to our 4 young children and me
You left for work excited as can be

Life was wonderful and everything all right
Ready for work that fateful night

A knock on the door and officers were standing
What are they doing on the landing?

With tears in their eyes. Something was wrong
In my heart, I knew you were never coming home

A call for Mercy you went on
But a low-life scum wanted you gone
I never thought Justice would ever be served
35 years later, they got what they deserved

The Agents worked hard on this case
The end result showed on their face

Our Children are now grown
girls have families of their own
But still I sometimes wait for you to come home.

Husband, Father, Lover and Best Friend
I often wonder what our life would have been—

Sadly missed for 45 years.
Jeanette, Jim  Jr., Jennifer, Julie, Jerel and Grandkids

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