Catching some rain

(photo courtesy of Urban Roots)
(photo courtesy of Urban Roots)

Students at Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School came out to work on the school’s rain garden on Friday, June 5 with Urban Roots staff.
Urban Roots is a Dayton’s Bluff-based non-profit. The organization’s mission is “to build vibrant and healthy communities through food, conservation and youth development,” according to their website.
Since March, youth interns working in the Conservation Crew have been collaborating with fifth grade science classes at Dayton’s Bluff Elementary School to renovate a rain garden at their school.
The group used native plant seeds collected by Urban Roots interns in the fall to start the plants indoors. Urban Roots helped care for the plants until the time came for planting.
Third and fifth graders from the school have been helping out with the garden.

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