Celebrating Prairie Days at the Nature Preserve

The University of Minnesota Raptor Center educational presentation during Prairie Days Sept. 18 included showcasing a red tail hawk and what they eat for dinner. Hawk, falcon … they’re all part of the ecosystem.

Visitors stroll through Southwood Nature Preserve during Prairie Days Sept. 18. North St. Paul’s rolling hills were once covered with grasses, wildflowers and scattered oak trees.

a couple of youngsters dressed up for Prairie Days take in the Raptor Center presentation.

storybook pages about a buffalo family were spread along the trail out at Southwood Nature Preserve.

Amanda and Joel Janaszak and their children Hayden and Carter stop by one of the interactive activities set up around the preserve. They were making homes for Mason bees, a gentle and docile solitary bee that lives four to six weeks. One Mason bee is equal to 100 honey bees in pollinating.
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