Gramercy Park Cooperative; 20 years of a friendly, affordable senior community

Gramercy Park on a warm summer evening.

Gramercy members in the main lobby

Gramercy Park Cooperative in Inver Grove Heights will be 20 years old this year, and the members say they’re already looking forward to the next 20. “We have 12 people still here from when we opened. It’s a healthy place to live; you’re more active and you do more things, and we’re very sharp, too,” says member Joanne Lindman with a smile. 

She says Gramercy Park visitors find a warm, inviting, member-owned senior cooperative with spacious apartments that are both comfortable and quiet. 

The active adults, age 55 and up, who live in the 111-unit cooperative say it offers security and privacy, along with many amenities, such as underground parking, walking trails, member gardens, and nearby restaurants, stores and movie theaters. “It was the only place I looked at,” says Mary Amundson. “For me it was the location. We’re between Highway 52 and Interstate 494, and close to the airport as well.”

Amundson says new members often find they already know many people, even from as far back as high school.

At Gramercy Park of Inver Grove Heights you’ll find a caring community of interesting and fun people where you meet others by simply walking down the halls. “The main plus here is that you have immediate friendships. As we get older we have a tendency to stay at home and hibernate, and I don’t think that’s healthy,” says Mike Grant. His wife Bunny adds that she loves living at Gramercy Park. “It’s a place to be so proud of. I’m so proud when our friends or our kids come for a visit. They walk in and they’re floored -- very pleased where Mom and Dad have selected to live,” she says.

Gramercy’s librarian Sue Peterson says that making new friends comes automatically. “Living alone in a house was hard. I didn’t realize how isolating it was until I came here and had three Thanksgivings and four Christmases with other Gramercy members. If I need company I just come out and sit by the fire, and someone will walk by and we’ll start talking. It’s absolutely perfect,” she says.

She adds that Gramercy Park is a very secure home. There is a camera at the entrance that allows members to view who is at the door before buzzing them in. 

Member Janice Pereda says that Gramercy also makes traveling easier compared to when she lived in her house. “I can just lock my apartment door and leave, and don’t have to worry about anything,” she says.

Lorene Dimock says, “Many of us have grandkids in sports, and if you get home late at night after a game, you park in a secure garage. It’s very safe.”

Many folks assume they couldn’t afford to purchase a membership in a senior cooperative as lovely as Gramercy Park, but member Dayton Wilkins explains it’s much more affordable than many people realize. “Before I came for a tour, I thought it was too expensive; way out of my league. But once I took the tour, I found that the price was half of what I thought it was,” he says.  

Gramercy Park of Inver Grove Heights sits near a pond and wooded area. It has a main lobby fireplace, a library and craft room, fitness center, patio with grills, and HD cable TV and laundry hook ups in each unit. It also has a self-service car wash in the indoor heated garage. 

Members enjoy patio barbecues, billiards clubs and Bingo nights, potlucks, and group outings like trips to the history theater, the Harriet Island paddleboats, or the Mall of America. 

The cooperative’s new webpage has colorful photos, is easy to use, and can answer any questions about this amazing place that active seniors love to call home -- visit it at


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