LETTER: (5) Vote ‘yes’ on the Mounds View Public Schools bond

To the Editor:

The quality of the education provided in the Mounds View School District is among the best in Minnesota, but our buildings are showing their age. With four school-aged children, I spend a lot of time in our schools and have witnessed the growing need for additional space and building improvements. A “yes” vote in support of the school district referendum on Nov. 7 will help schools across the district address overcrowding and ensure that the facilities in our district are safe, secure and ready to meet the growing demands of our students and residents for years to come. Please join me in voting “yes” on Nov. 7.

Kirsten Coverstone, Shoreview


To the Editor:

I will be voting “yes” in support of the Mounds View Public Schools bond referendum on Nov. 7. Because of our district’s outstanding reputation, many families choose to stay or move into our area. This  has lead to an increase in enrollment.

Currently, our schools are crowded and enrollment is projected to grow. If you were to walk through our schools on any given day, you would see that the hallways, cafeterias, and classrooms are at or above capacity. You would see groups of students working in the hallways — even gym classes in the hallways. Space is limited. Our students deserve to learn in an environment that is safe and supports productive learning.

Luckily, we live in a community that values our schools and students. Investing in our schools benefits the entire community. Since the bond is for facility improvements,  students definitely benefit — but so do all of the community groups who use the schools. Homeowners benefit as well because quality schools improve quality of life and maintain high property values.

Investing in our schools is a “win-win” for students and the community.

Darcy LaPanta, New Brighton


To the Editor:

We are fortunate to live in a great school district, with exceptional staff and talented students. We now need facilities that match these great qualities. Our school buildings are 50-plus years old and it is time to fund needed maintenance and improvements in every school. The Mounds View School District and our schools are our most valuable asset in Shoreview when considering home values. We cannot afford to let our buildings become rundown and unable to serve our growing student population. If we support our schools, our neighborhoods will grow even stronger, home values will remain high, and we will continue to attract residents who value education and community. For all these reasons, I will be voting “yes” on Nov. 7 in support of Mounds View Schools.

Jim Diffley, Shoreview


To the Editor:

As a parent of students at Bel Air and Highview and a teacher at Irondale, I can say without any doubt that our schools, all of them, need more space. I am proud to call this community my home and know that many of my neighbors moved here for our schools. A “yes’ vote on election day sends a strong message to future home buyers that our community values our schools and wants to maintain the tradition of excellence we’ve built.

Voting “yes’ on our levy this election day will enable us to keep up with resident enrollment growth, adding 40 classrooms district wide and providing teachers, like me, with additional flexible spaces that we can use to help students learn more effectively in the 21st century.

I hope you’ll join me on election day and vote “yes” to support the Mounds View Schools.

Richard Rosivach, New Brighton


To the Editor:

What do the cities of Shoreview, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks and Arden Hills all have in common? Most of the people that live in these communities overwhelmingly support our school district. It’s no surprise — these are vibrant communities that value friendly neighborhoods, consistently strong home values and understand that one of the major reasons for this is great schools.  

As a result of this commitment, District 621 always ranks high in national standings as well as a top-ten school district within the state. Our school district is strong in support from residents and now needs capital reinvestment to stay strong in support of our students. 

I will be voting “yes” for the building bond. Mounds View is a destination school district, and I know I share the same values as my neighbors in wanting that reputation to continue. Enrollment growth is driving the need for space. Now is the time to invest in the aging infrastructure. 

We need to relieve the overcrowding, we need to provide our schools with the physical resources to address student safety and security. We need to protect the excellence in our schools that our communities already enjoy. Our community supports schools, this is who we are and what we do here. We support our kids, we support our schools. I would encourage everyone to get out and vote “yes” for the approval and support of Mounds View schools, and the investment in our community. 

Jeanne Frischman - Spokesperson/chair of Neighbors United, New Brighton


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