Vintage baseball

Join the Dakota County Historical Society and Dakota City Heritage Village for 1860 baseball.
In 1860, the game of baseball was governed by less than 40 rules. The pitcher tossed the ball underhand from 45-feet away, while the batter had to run 90-foot bases. Wherever the ball first hit the ground is what determined fair, or foul.
A ball that was struck and caught on the fly meant the batter was out. An out could also occur if the ball was caught after just one bounce.
This family-friendly event will entertain and show you how baseball used to be played. During the event, a concession stand will be available, along with a silent auction.
All the proceeds will be split between DCHS and DCHV. Admission to the event is 2-bits ($.25). It will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Dakota City Historical Village, 4008 220th St. W., Farmington. Visit for more information.

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