LETTER: Jessup’s gone to bat for seniors

To the Editor:


I am a senior citizen who has lived in Shoreview for 25 years. Like many of you, I was appalled to read the Star Tribune’s multi-part story earlier this year that revealed rampant abuse at nursing homes and elder care centers across Minnesota. The reporting showed that complaints of abuse were not being properly investigated by the Department of Human Services.

Thankfully, our Rep. Randy Jessup is working hard to protect vulnerable adults and the elderly in Minnesota. This past session, he was a leader in helping pass legislation that enhances protections and reporting processes for elders who are suffering from abuse at care facilities.

Along with these protections, Randy helped pass a bipartisan bill that helps protect seniors from financial fraud and exploitation.

And beyond that, he has been a strong advocate of legislation that would let seniors keep more of their Social Security income by eliminating the state’s income tax on Social Security benefits. Last year Randy helped secure passage of a bill that reduces social security taxes for more than 250,000 Minnesota seniors.

Clearly, Randy has gone to bat for seniors. He has demonstrated time and again that he’s committed to our personal and financial well-being. That’s why I urge you to support him this fall. He is the proven leader who will best represent our community.


Bob McDonald


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