LETTER: Vote against the Trash Haulers in Roseville

To the Editor:


Once again a special interest group is spending money to influence our city council election and city policies. This has been going on for years and I am tired of it and I hope other Roseville voters are too.

For too long Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice has sent out last-minute mailers intended to influence and buy our local elections. These mailings, sent out in a way that prevents fair replies, are the closest thing to big money, Washington-style politics we have in Roseville. While it is legal to spend money to buy elections, it smacks of dirty politics and we can put a stop to it by voting against this corruption of our city elections.

Voters shouldn’t fear party labels since they are one way we can learn about who our candidates are and how they may approach issues such as parks, traffic congestion, and noise and air pollution through local ordinances and spending priorities. On the other hand, we should fear outside special interest groups who spend large sums to protect their vision of the status quo, and their pocket books.

The only gridlock we have in Roseville is that promoted by the Garbage Haulers to keep their rates high, noise in our neighborhoods and damage to our streets as it is. Our council refused to study the cost savings promised by organized trash collection after a comprehensive study by its public works commission in June, 2012.

Reject the Trash Haulers’ big money influence and vote for Roseville.


Jim DeBenedet


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