LETTER ; ‘What happened to honesty?’

To the Editor:


My mailbox has been flooded with campaign materials urging me to vote for candidates.

One mail piece from the Minnesota House DFL alleges that incumbent House Republicans voted to give themselves a 45 percent pay increase. There was never a vote by legislators on the salary increases. As you may recall, voters approved a 2016 constitutional amendment that took legislative salary decisions away from the lawmakers and gave the responsibility to a new independent council. 

WCCO, KSTP and the Star Tribune reported that the claims made in the mail piece were false and misleading. It is extremely unfortunate that the House DFL would send out a mailer that is false and misleading.

What happened to honesty? Candidates should be running on there values and priorities for the state. Maybe the DFL has reasoned that their values and priorities are too extreme for everyday Minnesotans.


Joynce Thompson


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