LETTER: Keep Maplewood moving in the right direction

To the Editor:


It’s been fantastic to have Nora Slawik as our Maplewood Mayor, and I can’t wait to cast my vote for her re-election in November. Nora has been my neighbor in Maplewood for over 24-years, raising her family here and serving as a State Representative in the area for seven terms prior to becoming mayor.

Maplewood has struggled with various issues in past, but Nora has really revived public trust in the city. I’m impressed by her consistent focus on economic redevelopment. Since she became mayor, the city added the 3M Carlton Sciences Center, the HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center, Aldi’s, the Frost English Village, Conifer Ridge and numerous other restaurants and small businesses. In addition, Nora worked tirelessly to overcome financial losses at the Maplewood Community Center by partnering with the YMCA, preserving a valued community space for generations to come.

To keep Maplewood moving in the right direction, we need Nora’s leadership and experience. I am voting for Nora Slawik for Maplewood Mayor, and I hope you will too.


Dick Baldwin


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