LETTER: Kids calling for Arden Hills to act on tobacco

To the Editor:


We are sisters in fifth grade and seventh grade and we live in Arden Hills.

We and our friends hope Arden Hills joins nearby cities like Roseville and Shoreview that have raised their tobacco sales age to 21. If the Arden Hills City Council raises the tobacco products sales age to 21, it will make it harder for kids our age to try e-cigarettes with older friends or get e-cigarettes or other tobacco products from older students and neighbors who are 18. 

We know some middle-schoolers who have tried e-cigarettes. Our parents and our teachers always warn us about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, but e-cigarettes like JUULs are new and we don’t hear as many warnings about them. Many kids think that e-cigarettes are safe, but the truth is they are addictive and we don’t really know their long-term effects.

E-cigarettes also come in flavors kids like, such as strawberry milkshake and fruit medley. We hope that Arden Hills joins nearby cities like Shoreview and Falcon Heights in removing flavored tobacco products from convenience stores where kids see them and get curious to try them.

We’re glad that Arden Hills is thinking about raising the tobacco sales age to 21 and making it harder for kids to get flavored tobacco products. We hope our city council votes to help protect local kids from the lifetime of problems you can have when you get hooked on tobacco products. 


Emma and Claire Lamatsch 

Arden Hills

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