LETTER: On Roseville schools’ union-labor vote

To the Editor:


As a Roseville resident, taxpayer, parent and construction worker, I am disappointed I won’t be allowed to work on any of the Roseville district’s upcoming construction projects. Why? Because the Roseville School Board voted 4-2 last month to use a discriminatory, union-only project labor agreement for the work.

As someone who proudly works for a local exterior building restoration contractor and chooses to not be in a union, I am prohibited from working on my kids’ schools and sports facilities — the very schools and facilities our $144 million bond referendum is paying for.

In no other type of contracting do we limit who can bid and perform simply based on labor affiliation. All contractors who are qualified, licensed by the state and bonded should be allowed to bid and work on taxpayer-funded projects like our schools. I’ve worked on schools, office buildings, hospitals and other historic buildings with pride. I’ve helped projects get done on time, on budget and to the highest degree of quality. 

Instead of allowing local contractors and local construction workers like me the chance to work in my own community where I pay taxes, the school board voted to give the construction unions a sweetheart deal that doesn’t guarantee these projects will be done on time or on budget. It simply guarantees that only union workers will be used. Despite the district’s motto including the phrase “equity in all we do,” the Roseville School Board just demonstrated special interests come first, equity comes second.


Jeremy Green


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