LETTERS: Support For Moller

To the Editor:


Kelly Moller is running for State Representative in House District 42A.  I first heard Kelly speak months ago. I was immediately impressed the first time I heard her, with her depth of understanding of issues and how articulate she was.

I have now heard her multiple times, and she frequently talks about concerns of district residents she has listened to. She sticks to issues and not what her opponent is doing. As an appellate court attorney she often represented women and underserved people. In this position she offered legislative proposals and needed to work with both political parties. I believe she will represent all of us well and will make our government more civil. Please join me in supporting Kelly Moller for State Representative in 42A.


Gary Borg



To the Editor:


I was surprised to see a letter writer suggest that Rep. Randy Jessup is a friend to labor just because two labor unions have endorsed him. His 11 percent voting record on the AFL-CIO’s 2017 legislative scorecard tells a more accurate story.

As happened in Wisconsin and Iowa, if Jessup’s party is given the chance, you can bet they will attack collective bargaining rights in Minnesota and median household incomes will go down.

Kelly Moller, who is running against Jessup this fall, is endorsed by the AFL-CIO, the Minnesota Association of Public Employees, Education Minnesota, the Minnesota Nurses Association, SEIU, AFSCME, and the Teamsters. These organizations fight for middle-class workers and know who is really going to support them.

That’s just one reason I’m supporting Kelly Moller for District 42A!


Sharon Coombs


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