LETTER: Trusting Moller on health care

To the Editor:


This week, I received a mailer from the GOP attacking Kelly Moller on health care. It suggested my income taxes would double and clinics would close if she were elected. Having heard Moller’s stance on health care at the Sept. 6 candidate forum, I know the Republicans are grossly distorting her proposals and the value and cost of universal health care. 

This mailer isn’t clear just what proposal that Moller is making on health care. It wants you to believe that she is wholeheartedly advocating for a single-payer system, when she suggested in a tweet that single-payer should be studied as a possible option. The mailer cites an 80-page report that looks at how the state could expand coverage to the uninsured using Medicaid and MinnesotaCare, which is not single-payer. 

Here’s what is clear: Kelly Moller supports the idea of everyone having affordable health coverage. She said at the forum, “Health care is a human right.” She supports allowing any Minnesotan to buy into MinnesotaCare, our most successful effort for insuring individuals with important cost constraints. 

At the same time, Republicans in the legislature — including State Rep. Randy Jessup — were happy to vote to amend Senate File 1 back in 2017 to allow health insurance policies that don’t have to cover a number of illnesses and conditions like cancer treatment. That would take us back to the days where insurance might be cheap, but doesn’t cover anything. 

I trust Kelly Moller to look out for my health care.


Robert Hein 


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