LETTER: Yang cares about the elderly

To the Editor


My name is Finn Andersen, I have been a DFL supporter since as long as I can remember, and I am a proud retiree who feels strongly about this upcoming race in our backyard. I, like many retirees, am trying to live on social security and the income we have saved up over our life time. Our current representative, Jamie Becker-Finn has disappointed me and many like me and has not represented us elderly people well. 

Rep. Becker-Finn also voted against the Tax Conformity Bill in 2018 that was trying to reduce the tax burden of all Minnesotans, including the elderly, who are in much need of some tax relief. She has spent the majority of her time in the Minnesota House talking about wild grass in northern Minnesota and being offended by Halloween costumes. 

I am proud to support Yele-Mis Yang for Minnesota House. He stopped by my door and shared his vision for elder care in Minnesota. Yele-Mis knew about the recent elder care abuse and seemed to care about combating this abuse. Yele-Mis seemed like an upstanding young man and I wanted to encourage you to consider voting for him this Nov. 6 for District 42B.


Finn Anderson

Little Canada

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