LETTER: Troubling statements

To the Editor:


I am troubled by statements in Jill Lundgren’s election literature stating “council majority...voted against Pete Schiltgen’s proposal to keep his historic farm as a riding stable... now unfortunately this land will be sold to developers,” attempting to lead residents to believe the iconic farm will meet demise. 

The fact is on Dec. 15, 2015, Lundgren voted in favor of removing commercial boarding stables as an allowed use on “Rural” zoned properties. Schiltgen Farms Inc. property is zoned “Rural”, therefore, Lundgren voted against Peter Schiltgen’s future (2017) commercial boarding stable application. My research shows Lake Elmo land developers have preserved five generational antique barns as assets.

“Holding developers accountable to preserve open space.” Lundgren voted against a final plat at the Aug. 8, 2018, meeting (against State Law) resulting in the developer giving a respectful, yet strongly worded statement at the Aug. 21 council meeting of the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the City (Lake Elmo taxpayers). After numerous invitations, Lundgren would not meet with him, nor offer any specific input to make his project more appealing to the community. This same developer stated the mayor, Council Member Bloyer, and Council Member Nelson met with him and challenged him, resulting in more buffer, more screening and more amenities.

I am troubled by Jill Lundgren’s campaign attack on fellow council members, lack of accountability and erratic behavior putting taxpayers at risk of lawsuits. Lake Elmo’s insurance deductible is still at $200,000 (raised from $500 due to council dysfunction beginning in 2015).


Kathy Weeks

Lake Elmo

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