Where’s the made in the U.S.A?

To the Editor:


I saw an article in the North St. Paul newsletter that the City Hall had a reusable bag containing LED light bulbs, LED solar holiday lights and a power strip. I thought, “how nice to offer all this free for North St. Paul residents.” After examining my bag, I noticed everything was made in China. Come on, people!

By the way, these items are part of the conservation improvements plan and the North St. Paul Electric Department. 

I’m ashamed of my town’s leaders for not bringing items made in the USA.


Sandra Keller

North St. Paul 


(Editor’s note: As of Jan. 4 the city’s LED light gift bags no longer had holiday lights. There were three LED light bulbs, an LED nightlight and a powerstrip, each made in China. There was also a pamphlet with energy saving information.)

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