LETTER: Fund the Roseville PD staffing requests

To the Editor:


Roseville’s police chief has been seeking additional funding for additional police officers for quite some time. 

Anyone who doubts that our city should fully and immediately fund his request should read the Jan. 30 City Pages article headlined “Why No One Wants to Be a Cop Anymore.”  

The article begins by saying, “This noble profession ... asks you to bear witness to humanity at its worst.”

St. Paul Deputy Chief Mary Nash provided a powerful insight about police work in her quote, “We see a lot of tragedy, and it’s hard and it builds up and it gets into your head.”  

I ask that you read this article, and then email Roseville City Council members and urge them to fully fund Roseville Police Chief Mattwig’s funding requests. 

Furthermore, I suggest that the Roseville City Council seriously consider increasing the salaries of our police officers.  

The Roseville Police Department invests great time and expense to train police officers, just to have them recruited away by other police departments.  

There is tremendous value in highly experienced police officers: their familiarity with our city greatly enhances the safety and security of our community.    


Neddy Wuertz


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