LETTER: Affordable prescription bills in the House

To the Editor:


In early February, the House DFL held public hearings on legislation to increase accessibility to affordable prescription medication.

Three bills were discussed: The first would prohibit health plan companies from preventing pharmacists from informing patients about a less expensive, generic drug option.

The second would establish a program to “reuse” discarded pills that are still in packaging, to help lower overall costs.

Finally, the last measure would prohibit drug manufacturers from price gouging.

Many Minnesotans are struggling with unaffordable prescription medication. As a result, families are having to make difficult decisions, such as rationing their medicine, and are having to make significant financial sacrifices because of exorbitantly high drug prices. It’s no secret that any price increase, especially with multiple prescriptions, can make it very difficult to pay bills, the mortgage or rent. Minnesotans deserve affordable, quality medication, and this certainly will not happen overnight; however, bills such as these are an important step toward making prescription drugs more affordable for everyone.

Please contact me with any ideas or suggestions at 651-296-5510 or at rep.connie.bernardy@house.mn


Rep. Connie Bernardy

District 41A

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