With its Italian theme and relaxing atmosphere, Old World Pizza is sure to make any outing to the restaurant memorable

The private party room is available at Old World Pizza.

Making pizza the 

old-fashioned way at 

Old World Pizza


Walking into Old World Pizza, hungry patrons are greeted by a calming atmosphere and the wonderful aromatic scent that can be none other than the one-of-a-kind pizzas served there.

Started in 1973, the Inver Grove Heights restaurant is a familiar and welcoming spot for many families in the area. Owner Brian Dzieweczynski, who bought the restaurant when he was just 19, notes the loyal work force behind it. 

“We have a great core of people,” he says. “It’s a team effort. No one person can do this work.”

Not only has Dzieweczynski been with the business since it first started, other managers have worked there for as long as 15 years. The strong, tight-knit team of longterm employees works hard every day to deliver the best experience for their customers, starting with the ingredients in the food.

Old World Pizza proudly boasts the fact that it makes pizza the “old-fashioned way.”

“We make pretty much all of our own ingredients,” Dzieweczynski explains. “We make our own dough everyday, shred our own cheese, mix our own sauce and sausage, and so on.”

Proud employees like to point out that other pizza restaurants often use pre-packaged ingredients that have an effect on the quality of the pizza.

“Most places have pre-cooked sausage where they just throw it on the pizza,” says one pizza cook. “We make ours from raw meat, single balls at a time. When that’s cooked, all the juices stay on the pizza.”

Old World Pizza follows the adage of if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and the recipes for all of their pizzas have stayed unchanged since the very beginning. 

While some things have remained the same, Old World Pizza stays ahead of the game with its kitchen set up. While it’s common practice to have a few ovens stacked on top of eachother and have pizzas nearby ready to be cooked, Old World Pizza has eight large horizontal ovens that can cook up to 58 pizzas at a time. 

“Even then, sometimes it’s not enough.” Dzieweczynski jokes. The setup helps when larger orders come in, and all that oven space not only cooks more pizzas, faster, but also makes sure all of them stay hot and fresh longer. 

Along with the classics, Old World Pizza offers a large variety of specialty pizzas, from mac-and-cheese to the new taco pizzas. Those pies, along with pasta specials and salad, are available every day at the restaurant’s buffet.

Old World Pizza can also handle private parties in its banquet room. The space is able to be closed off from the rest of the restaurant, offering a private area for large groups. From hockey teams to business exchanges, Old World Pizza offers a cozy atmosphere for any get-together. 

With everything being made in-house and fresh, it’s no wonder how Old World Pizza has stayed in business for so long. 

“No other pizza place can really do what we can,” one manager reasons. “They don’t have the space!”

With more than 45 years in business, Old World Pizza has become a classic eatery. Fresher ingredients, friendly employees and a lively menu keep regulars coming back for more. 

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