NEWSBRIEF: Coexisting with wildlife in Roseville

Many love to see wild animals, but sometimes they can get too close for comfort. When that happens, residents often call the police. Roseville police do not respond to calls about wildlife unless the animal is dangerous or aggressive, a threat to humans or seriously injured. 

If you see an animal that is a threat or injured call 911; otherwise, you are encouraged to leave animals alone.

At this time of year the city gets calls about fox and coyote sightings. They may be aggressive in early summer because they have babies and are protecting them. You can change your daily routine for walking the dog or taking the kids to the park. Then, in a few weeks the pups will be old enough to leave, and you can go back to your old routine.

Live traps may be an effective way to remove raccoons, rabbits and other small mammals. Traps are available at many of the larger sporting goods or hardware stores.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources provides information on ways to discourage wild animals from visiting your property. Get information at or call 651-296-6157.

City code prohibits intentionally feeding wild animals, with the exception of birds. Place birdfeeders so that other wildlife cannot feed on them. Owners are encouraged to clean up seeds that fall to the ground; otherwise, they can attract wild animals.

Roseville police will pick up domestic animals that are lost or running free. They will try to find the pet’s owner, but if they are unable to find the owner, pets are taken to St. Paul Animal Control.

Dead wildlife on the side of the road will be picked up during business hours by either Ramsey County or Roseville Public Works Department. Call 651-792-7004 to report a dead animal. Injured or orphaned wild animals can be taken to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 2530 Dale St. Get more information at or call 651-486-9453.

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