Meet your new North St. Paul mayors ... for a day

The three North St. Paul “Mayors” took a moment to rest amid a busy day of learning the ins and outs of the city. (Amy Felegy photos/Review)

Ted and James smiled as they got into a police car for a ride-along.

James geared up for a ride in the bucket truck with the help of public works staff.

“Both of you get a raise — and the day off,” said 11-year-old James Unger as he joked with police department staff. Using his newfound power, James and his 9-year-old brother, Ted, took the title of North St. Paul Mayor for Aug. 20 and 21. The two boys started their interim shift with a swearing-in ceremony during a City Hall meeting.

This is the boys’ second year winning the “Mayor for a Day” drawing. James and Ted spent the day with Mayor Terry Furlong, starting off with a pizza lunch. They toured City Hall, public safety departments like fire and police, and the public works building.


—Amy Felegy

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