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Dayton’s Bluff arts community awarded $100,000 NEA grant

Collective seeks art and culture addendum to city’s comprehensive plan


The Dayton’s Bluff community has been awarded a $100,000 National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant.


Historic Schorenstein Garage to become a home for young couple

The historic Schorenstein Garage and Railing Shop, located at 216-218 Bates Ave., was recently purchased by a young couple, Cory Vandenberghe and Tia Helfrich, who will renovate it into their home. The property was included in the April 2016 Dayton’s Bluff Vacant Home Tour.

The property is the last from the vacant home tour to be sold


Girl Scouts making a difference through books

Julia McKenzie, left, and Violet Schafer, right, are Girl Scout Cadettes who are working to make sure books and reading are accessible to everyone, no matter their income levels.

Teens want everyone to have access to reading

Violet Schafer and Julia McKenzie, both 14, are working on the highest honor a Girl Scout Cadette can achieve: the Silver Award. 


Dayton’s Bluff elections sees new and familiar faces

From left to right, the newly elected board members include Barry White, Holly Windingstad, Crystal Norcross, Rasheed Wade, Tamara York-Tallman, Kirstin Scanlan Madore, Yingya Vang and Micheal Boyd. Newly elected candidates not pictured include Elizabeth Matakis and Henry Garnica.

“Let’s create a paradigm that changes the East Side,” said Jesus Ramirez, Dayton’s Bluff resident, artist and keynote speaker for the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council’s annual meeting on Oct. 27.


Ward 6 co-owner & Historic St. Paul team up for renovations on 131-year-old building

The building at 208 Bates Ave. has been vacant since 2002. Ward 6 restaurant co-owner Eric Foster is buying the building for $1 and partnering with the nonprofit Historic St. Paul to renovate it.

Dayton’s Bluff eyesore to be restored

When driving by the 208 Bates Ave. property, one may pass it off as hopeless. 


Dayton’s Bluff Community Council board elections

The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council’s coverage area is made up of 4 subdistricts.

The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council will hold their board elections at the annual meeting on Oct. 24 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

There are 10 seats open for this year’s election.


‘The people’s party’

The Not Guilty Band was one the many performances that hit the stage during the 7th Street Live event. At right, many food trucks were available during the 7th Street Live event located along East 7th Street between Minnehaha Avenue and Forest Street.

7th Street Live, the Dayton’s Bluff music, art and food festival, enjoyed beautiful weather on Aug. 13. This was the festival’s second year and was organized by the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council and the East Side radio station WEQY 104.7 FM.


Dayton’s Bluff St. Paul Saloon to reopen under new ownership

The St. Paul Saloon, located at 1045 Hudson Road, was purchased by a new owner in the late spring and will open in late August or early September. Below, Alex Rivero, the new owner of St. Paul Saloon, made some cosmetic updates by replacing the carpet and painting. He also updated appliances and the food and drink menus.

The St. Paul Saloon, a small establishment with a checkered past located next to the Historic Mounds Theatre on Hudson Road, is now under new ownership. 


Dayton’s Bluff vacant homes to receive some love

Clockwise from top left: 275 Bates Ave., built in 1884, is 1,640 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 700 E. Fourth St., built in 1879, is a two story Queen Anne style home. 737 Plum St., built in 1882, is 2,192 square feet with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 767 E. Fourth St., built in 1890, is 2,136 square foot home with 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Neighborhood & city partnership prevent demolition of historic homes


Ash tree removal

Dayton’s Bluff residents along Gotzian Street, between East Third and Margaret streets have recently seen about 60 trees being removed by the city during the past couple weeks.


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