Charges filed against suspects for break-in, injuries to K-9

Felony charges were filed Nov. 22 against the three suspects in the Nov. 12 break-in at Truck Utilities, at the corner of Hwy. 36 and English Street in Maplewood.

One suspect was charged with an additional gross misdemeanor in an attack on Major, a Roseville K-9 police dog, who was seriously injured and remains in the University of Minnesota Veterinary Center.

James Ricky McBain, 20, and Roel Joseph Perez Jr., 21, both of Maplewood; and Ryan Neil Dorner, 21, of Mahtomedi, were charged with possession of burglary or theft tools and attempted theft. Both are felony-level offenses. Possession of burglary or theft tools carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison; the attempted theft charges are punishable by a maximum of two-and-one-half years in prison.

Perez was also charged with killing or harming a public safety dog, a gross misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison.

According to the charges filed by the Ramsey County District Court:

Maplewood Police responded at around 5 a.m. Nov. 12 to a "Varda" alarm on a bait car that had been placed inside the Truck Utilities fenced lot. A hole was cut in the gate to allow entry into the yard. Roseville Officer John Jorgensen responded and let Major off the leash in the fenced yard. Later, another officer arrested Dorner and McBain, who were running west on Hwy. 36 outside the premises.

Soon after, officers heard Major "yelping and making high-pitch whining and crying noises." Major was found suffering from multiple stab wounds. Perez was soon apprehended with the assistance of a St. Paul K-9 dog that bit Perez's calf. Perez also had bite wounds on his upper right arm that didn't appear to be from the St. Paul K-9, according to the report.

"The following day, officers found what they describe as a butterfly knife with blood on the blade within several feet if the location where Perez was apprehended," the report said.

Later in the report, Perez initially denied hurting Major, but then "began crying and admitted that he had stabbed the canine named Major. Perez then stated that when Major was biting his legs, he pulled out his knife and stabbed the dog and later threw the knife on the ground. Perez said he didn't know the canine was a police dog and thought maybe it was a junk yard dog. Perez admitted ownership of the butterfly knife police later recovered."

Perez's car was parked nearby, and a police search of the vehicle found the identification for the three suspects, plus a "methamphetamine pipe and burglary tools described as bolt cutters, sledge hammer, crow bar, and (a) large prying tool," according to the report.

"Perez said that he, Dorner and McBain had been smoking methamphetamine and then decided to go 'scrapping,' " the report said.

According to the report, McBain said: "They were going to steal the items and either sell them or keep them. They were stealing to support their methamphetamine addiction."

Industrial power tools and other items the suspects tried to steal from vehicles inside the fence were found on the ground in the fenced area. Maplewood police estimated the value of all the items to be $2,059 total, the report said.

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