Letter: Another vote for Bostrom

To the editor:

As an East Side resident and a former newspaper reporter, I have had an opportunity to observe Dan Bostrom over many years in a variety of situations. What I have seen of Dan - the person and the City Council member - has led me to not only support his re-election but also to be a volunteer on two of his campaigns.

When you are a reporter in the City Hall pressroom for eight years, you not only draw your own conclusions about public officials but also learn what people who work with them think. I have concluded that Dan is a member of a dying breed - a true gentleman. He treats City Hall janitors and mayors with equal respect. He avoids judging people and instead shows genuine empathy for their concerns. He remains calm in tense and difficult situations - perhaps a skill perfected during his many years as a St. Paul police officer.

I moved from downtown St. Paul to a home near Lake Phalen 15 years ago.It has been a thrill to watch the amazing progress in my neighborhood, including new housing, more jobs and better recreational facilities. The improvements at Phalen Park have been outstanding.

Dan has spent his life in public service - on the police force, the St. Paul Board of Education, the City Council and many community boards. We are lucky that he is seeking re-election so he can continue to improve our East Side neighborhoods.

Dan's character and achievements inspired me to help with his campaigns after I retired from reporting. Please join me in voting for Dan on Tuesday, Nov.8.

Virginia Rybin
East Side Resident

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