Letter: Backing Bostrom

To the editor:

Have too many elected officials lost touch with their roots?  Yup.  But my Councilman, Dan Bostrom, is still the same regular, neighborly guy I first met 40 years ago when he served as PTA President at Prosperity Heights Elementary, the school at which I taught for 34 years.  Dan sent his boys to our neighborhood schools, he worked to improve recreation centers and playgrounds all over the East Side and he spent years on the St. Paul School Board working to ensure that all St. Paul kids could get the same good start in life that his own children had.  

Living in a safe environment is important to me and I feel comfortable knowing that Dan's many years as a St. Paul Police Officer gave him the background to make good decisions regarding public safety.  Dan has lived in Ward 6 longer than I have (and I have lived here for 41 years!) so there is no doubt about his commitment to making the East Side the best it can be.

Times are tough for many East Side families right now.  I have 40 years worth of reasons to trust Dan Bostrom to work for me and all of my East Side neighbors.  Join me in voting for Dan Bostrom for City Council on Nov. 8.

Jean Jones
East Side Resident

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