The Master did not ignore people

People who are campaigning for office seldom ignore the group to concentrate on a discussion with one person. The Scriptures give many examples of our Lord talking with one person after another. Between 1980 and 2005, I often spoke in 10 to 15 different churches each year. The following paragraph lists a few observations.

Older pastors seldom spent much time in conversation with one person. They generally shook hands with one person after another. Groups sales and business presentations follow the same approach. People running for office seldom ignore the group for conversation with one or two individuals.

How many hellos do I give each day?

Ignoring one, ten or a hundred to concentrate on one person in a group seems to be getting to be the in thing.

Our Lord did not practice such behavior. We are to love, encourage and help as many people as we can. A simple greeting, handshake or smile often says all that needs to be said.

Each of us can care about all, yet ignore none. I have to take inventory after teaching, speaking or working with a group.

Lord help me to not alienate or ignore anyone. Help me to follow Your example.

For the 2011 Club, Feb. 6 takes us to Exodus 40 and Matthew 24.

Have a good caring week.

Crist Langelett, known to North St. Paul and Maplewood readers as a longtime Review columnist, is a chaplain for the North St. Paul city, police and fire departments, a chaplain at Washington County Jail, a past president of the North St. Paul Area Emergency Food Shelf and one of the founders of North St. Paul's Polar Arena. He is active in his local church and in civic groups.

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