2023 NFL Draft Rumor: The Detroit Lions have already made calls for 18 running backs

Last week, Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes indicated that they were in a position to do anything they wanted in 2023. NFL Draft.

“I would say yes because I feel we are in a position where we can do anything we want,” said Holmes. “I just don’t feel like we’re pressed. And when I say that, I’m not saying we have a complete roster. Nothing like that. Actually, I’m in the mindset of — look, if you think you’re ready and you think you’re done and you can go anywhere — I mean it’s If you take your foot off the gas, you could have problems en route. So, we’re just being precise. We’re going to be prepared. But I like the fact that we can go any direction we want, and we can feel good about that.”

You can read and interpret this quote in many different ways, but on the surface, it definitely seems like Holmes puts a lot of thought into the ups and downs of this draft. And the latest rumored draft — via Sports Illustrated’s Albert Brier — appears to follow suit.

“I’ve heard The Lions actually made calls to trade after being No. 18Brier wrote on Monday.

The fact that Holmes is actually on the phone shouldn’t surprise anyone. As the Lions’ general manager made clear last year after the team traded 20-point pick Jameson Williams, those conversations begin long before draft night.

“It really started the day before tonight,” Holmes said of Williams’ trade. Again, you never know if a trade can be withdrawn or not because when you’re trying to find a trading partner. There’s often disagreement about, “We see if that person is[available],” especially if you’re trading higher. “

In other words, it’s smart to have potential deals on hand before draft night. That way, if the board eventually falls a certain way, you can spend your time around the clock adjusting the deal, rather than frantically calling anyone who’s going to hear about a potential deal.

The most interesting point here is that the Lions are seeking a relegation deal from 18. This suggests that the Lions believe there could be a significant drop in talent around this niche, and are more interested in adding a capital draft either for this year or next. . The Lions already have nine draft picks this year — including five in the first three rounds — so it would make sense if Detroit were considering adding more picks for future classes.

But, as always, this is draft week and rumors are anything but that. You may remember that last year, the fuss was about how infatuated the Lions were with Kevon Thibodeau before they ended up taking Aidan Hutchinson on him. So take everything you hear – including from us – in a pinch.

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