23-year-old woman seriously injured skiing in Bulgaria: “We’ve been told she’ll never speak again, it’s a miracle!”

A 23-year-old woman who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in Bulgaria has made a miraculous recovery after being given a 5 per cent chance of survival.

A young woman was seriously injured in a part of Bulgaria Photo: Archive/Adevrul

Olivia Carpier, from Great Britain, fell into a ravine in Bansko. Following the horrific skiing accident, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, lung damage, a broken hip and nose, and three broken bones, he writes. Daily mail.

The family was told the young woman’s chances of survival were slim and if she did she would never speak again. In Bulgaria, Olivia was placed in a medically induced coma and then flown to the UK for specialist treatment.

Miraculously, the young woman recovered enough to return home after six weeks. She still has hearing loss and nerve damage on the right side of her face, but doctors are amazed at her progress.

It feels like an absolute miracle. Don’t get me wrong, the Bulgarian neurosurgeon saved Olivia’s life, but the care in the UK was second to none. They kept checking on her. We were told he had a five percent chance of living and that he might not speak, but he did it all. She proves them wrong and she gets stronger. Now she can laugh and joke about herself and things like that. It’s very, very good.”said the girl’s mother.

Olivia thanked her sister Phoebe Corbiere, 19, and five close friends who were by her side when the accident happened. The young woman says their quick actions saved her life.

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“Three of them jumped into the ravine and helped me, and the others called the emergency services. They didn’t think for a second not to jump, they could have hurt themselves. They were incredible. They were amazing, amazing. I thanked them for doing what they did when I was in the hospital, because they saved my life. savedOlivia said.

How did the accident happen?

Olivia went on a ski trip in March 2024 with her sister and friends Laura Howe, 23, Charlotte Howe, 20, Georgia Cooke, 23, Ellis Cowley, 23, and Anastasia Griffith, 23.

While skiing, she fell into a ravine.

“My right ski went over my left ski and it made me lose control. Then I went into the canyon. With such a big drop, it was hot weather and it melted, I couldn’t get out of it like I normally would.”Olivia agreed to the publication cited.

Olivia’s friends called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital, where doctors were shocked, she said “They have never seen” Such a severe head injury. He underwent emergency surgery for four hours.

Olivia now hopes to return to the ski slopes.

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