454th day of war live. Bahmud was occupied by Russian troops, Ukrainians lost control of the last streets of the city / “anti-terror operation” in the Russian region bordering Ukraine, where two anti-Putin groups are said to be operating.

The Ukrainian army has lost control of the last high streets of Bahmut and is now defending its positions in residential areas on the outskirts of the city, they said. Independence of Kiev Ukrainian soldiers fight around a city that has been at the center of fighting in Ukraine for months. Ukrainian troops can still access the city, but due to the intensity of Russian artillery, the movement of equipment and vehicles is complicated, they said. Meanwhile, the governor of a region bordering Ukraine, Belgorod, says an “anti-terrorist” operation is underway after a group of Russian anti-Putin partisans entered the area a day earlier.

Highlights for Tuesday, May 23:

The time is 09:55 Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is in Shanghai on Tuesday (May 23) to attend an economic conference as part of a two-day visit where he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. Le Figaro. Details here

The time is 09:12 Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament (Duma) called for reparations for “investments” the Soviet Union made in the country after World War II, Reuters reported, as cited by La Libre Belgique and Radar. . Details here

The time is 08:35 Belgorod, in southwestern Russia, was hit by drone strikes overnight as its governor said “destructive operations” continued after an incursion by anti-Putin Russians fighting alongside the Ukrainian army. CNN. Details here

The time is 08:10 The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) notes that the Russian armed forces are in a precarious position since the capture of Bahmut, although Russian propaganda and military bloggers are silent on this, more interested in celebrating the victory, it writes. BBC. Details here

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The time is 08:02 The Freedom Legion for Russia — a group that claimed responsibility for the apparent incursion into Russian territory in Belgorod — released a video late Monday showing a Free Russia flag flying over Moscow State University, CNN reported. ro. Details here

The time is 07:45 Many experts in the United States say that the F-16s promised to the government in Kiev by the Americans and Western allies will not have the expected impact in Ukraine’s war against Russia and will not help the Ukrainians win the conflict with Moscow. Among the reasons listed, the vulnerability of the fighter jet to the Russian surface-to-air missile systems is cited as one of the most important. Details here

The time is 07:24 Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said Monday that F-16 fighter jets will “take a few months” to reach Ukraine, CNN, News.ro transmits. Details here

The time is 07:10 The head of the German intelligence agency (BND) Bruno Gall said on Monday that he does not see the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin weakening. “Russia is still capable of waging a long-term war,” he said, according to DPA, as cited by Reuters, News.ro reported. Details here

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