5 HIMYM Finale Plot Slots That Fans Still Need Explained And Classified

How I Met Your Mother is a well-crafted show, but even it isn’t without fault.

The hit sitcom ended in 2014, leaving many fans unhappy with the ending and wondering about a number of plot holes that were never fixed.

Here are five questions your mom’s fans still want you to answer.

5. Why did Tracy leave midway through the wedding?

Ted left the wedding early because he had to catch a train back to New York to go to Chicago in the morning. What made Tracy, a band member who was paid to play at the reception, leave early also is never made clear.

4. What happened to Lilly’s career after Rome?

One of the main storylines of the past few seasons has been Lily and Marshall’s will – they won’t move – to Rome. We learn they eventually went to Italy for a year and Marshall still became a judge later, but what we’d like to know is if Lily continued her career as an art consultant in New York.

3. Why did it take so long for Ted and Tracy to get married?

We get that they’ve been busy with kids and work, but the whole Ted thing is that he’s wanted to be a couple since he was in his twenties. Now we’re supposed to believe he’s okay with waiting years to tie the knot? no!

2. Who is Kid Barney’s mother?

Barney tried to achieve the perfect month, but instead ended up dropping girl #31. As a result, Ellie was born, and Barney Stinson finally found a purpose in life. That’s all well and good, but tell us more about the little mum involved!

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1. What disease did Tracy die from?

It’s bad enough that the mother died in the first place. Doesn’t she explain the cause of her death to the viewers? This is a low blow, and we’re not going to take it down. Tracy is the reason the show has ever existed, and we deserve to know what illness ultimately took it from us.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get answers to some of those questions in How I Met Your Father if it gets renewed…

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