A critical moment in the war when Russia began. US Representative General Robert E. Wheeler: It’s a lot harder than we first imagined

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In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American General Robert E. Wheeler talked about the energy crisis.

“Speaking of the energy crisis, unfortunately the Republic of Moldova is not so lucky. I think Moldova is very vulnerable, Russia is waiting. If the Republic of Moldova is politically controlled, Russia can position itself between Ukraine and Romania,” said journalist Tudor Kartifan.

‚ÄúThat’s right. I think they are vulnerable. Given the context of the energy crisis, I think their vulnerability has increased. I think that’s another reason why it’s so important, and I mean in a very serious way, that the entire West on both sides of the Atlantic continues to support these countries. I think this is an important moment. Because unless Vladimir Putin can break this support, these states are unlikely to be defeated. I think he understands this and is focused on overcoming the strength of this support shown by the West. I think there is hope in all of this tragedy, and we can better understand the things that peace requires. “I think it’s more difficult than we first imagined,” said the legendary American general Robert E. Wheeler.

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Romania is very close to the front line in Ukraine. We are a few kilometers away from Snake Island, where fierce fighting has taken place in recent months. The world is talking about Russia’s nuclear threat, which is real.

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In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American General Robert E. Wheeler was asked if he thought “Vladimir Putin would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, whether tactically or somewhere in the Black Sea region.”

“I think what you hear from the Russian government, from the spokespeople in the Kremlin, is one goal: They are trying to break the unity of Europe and the United States in supporting Ukraine. As you have seen, Ukraine has great support, in Europe, in the United States. The entire North Atlantic Alliance supports Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has this Trying to break unity because he knows that’s the only way he can win if he continues the war. He wants to use winter to cover his losses so he can use gas price manipulation to destroy European unity and cause suffering in Europe. One way to do this is to instill fear. Information warfare. Russia has a nuclear capability, but I don’t see them using it. I actually think the nuclear rhetoric is going down. To think the threat is going down. I will But I don’t think it will go away 100%. However, my point is that these threats are aimed at breaking support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. It’s part of information warfare and the way desperate states like Russia operate,” noted US General Robert E. Wheeler told Defense Romania and DC News.

Robert E. Wheeler, who has more than 32 years in the US Air Force, has led the Information Officer for the Command, Control, Communications/Computers (C4) Department from the US Department of Defense as Deputy Director.

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He is currently a senior consultant at the international firm Jones Group International.

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