A day after the Taliban defied orders, Afghan TV presenters covered their faces again.

Update, 19.39

Reporters and female reporters from Afghan television stations appeared face-to-face on small screens on Sunday, citing bbc.com, News.ro, in defiance of an order to cover the Taliban’s face a day earlier.

Initial article:

The AFP writes that several announcers from major Afghan television channels appeared without covering their faces on Saturday, defying orders from the Taliban to cover their appearance and subjecting themselves to the group’s harsh view of Islam.

Earlier this month, a top Taliban leader issued a decree ordering women to wear full headscarves and traditional burqas in public.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Moral Promotion and Success Prevention has ordered TV presenters to comply by Saturday.

But journalists from TOLOnews, Shamshad TV and 1TV went live without covering their faces. Abid Ehsas, news editor of Shamshad TV, said, “We are worried that our sisters will stop working next time they cover their faces. “That’s why they have not obeyed the order yet,” he told AFP.

Mohammad Sadeq Akif Mohajir, a spokesman for the Ministry of Moral Promotion and Drug Enforcement, warned that women were violating Taliban orders. “If he does not comply, we will talk to the authorities,” he told the AFP. “Everyone living under a particular organization and government must obey the laws and regulations of that organization, so they must obey the command,” he said.

The Taliban have ordered the dismissal of women in government if they do not comply with the new dress code. If the employees’ spouses or daughters do not comply, they may be suspended.

Source: News.ro, Photo source: Pexels

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