A Dutchman had €12.5 million in supermarket bags at home. Even after 2 years, the police did not find where the money came from

A Dutch man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for money laundering after police found €12.5 million in supermarket bags in an apartment in the city center of Eindhoven.

Zakaria S., 36, the man behind the dirty business, learned his sentence on Tuesday, September 6. Previously, a white man, who actually lived in an apartment with money, had the role of guarding it – he was called a “keeper”. Dutch newspaper – Sentenced to 3.5 years imprisonment.

The police noticed something suspicious going on in the apartment after monitoring Engrosat, an encrypted messaging service used mainly by Dutch criminals. They organized a raid on May 1, 2020 and were surprised to find 12.5 million euros placed in ordinary supermarket bags. Money weighs 255 kilograms. It was then that the “Guardian” was arrested, whose phone messages were discovered, which ultimately led to the conviction of Zakaria S., the coordinator of “Business”, this week. They are investigating some others in this case.

Zakaria S., who is being investigated in another case related to drug trafficking, told investigators. Upon investigation, it was determined that he alternated between Spain and Morocco, and after decrypting some information from his phone, it was discovered that he had made important bank transfers before the police descended. Police also suspect that he has around 32 million euros hidden somewhere.

More than 2 years after the €12.5 million was discovered, their provenance is still unclear, but they suspect it may have come from drug trafficking.

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