A family refuses to sell their house and land for $33 million. An entire town was built around the property

An Australian family refuses to sell their 2 hectare house and land. Their net worth is 33 million dollars. Within a few years, an entire city was built around them.

The owners of the property, the Zammit family, refused to sell their house, forcing developers to build around them. The insider.

The house is located in The Ponds, approximately 40 minutes drive from Sydney city centre.

A video posted on Twitter shows a small castle-like house in an oasis, while two-story houses are built around it.

“Most people sell their property years ago and appreciate what they have.”said real estate agent Taylor Bredin.

He estimated the land would be large enough for 50 houses, each worth A$1 million, or about $700,000.

Diane Zammit told Australian media that when her family moved there 17 years ago, the neighborhood was actually “farmland with a few red brick cottages”.

Most of the neighbors are happy that the family rejected the developers’ offers and chose to stay, because that way the area gets greener space.

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