A former adviser to Trump on Russia noted that Putin smelled strange and did not eat or drink at dinner

Fiona Hill, a Russia adviser during the Trump administration, says Russian President Vladimir Putin “could have really worn glasses.”Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

  • A former Trump adviser, Fiona Hill, recently recalled a dinner meeting with Vladimir Putin.

  • She noted that the poutine smelled “almost as if it had just come out of a special prep bath.”

  • She said Putin did not eat or drink at dinner and used cards with huge words on it.

Fiona HillAn adviser on Russia under President Donald Trump described what it was like to sit next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at dinner, including the strange smell she says he exuded.

Hill made these statements On BBC Sounds’ “Desert Island Discs” programmeduring which she recounted her experience while sitting close to the Russian leader.

“I wore the suit, one of those impeccably tailored suits, the way the small vein on the left side of his face pulses,” Hill said on the episode that aired on May 8.

Besides noting what she called an “expensive Putin watch”, Hill also noted that the Russian leader “could have really worn glasses” because he used cards with huge words on it.

“I could read them all, cards telling him who he was and what he should say and things like that,” she recalls.

Hill also noted that Putin “didn’t eat or drink anything” during the meal.

Above all, Hill also said she noticed the Russian leader’s scent.

Now, that sounds really weird, but I can smell his freshly washed laundry,” Hill said. “He wasn’t wearing cologne, but it was like he just walked out of a special prep bath or something, right now.”

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She added that Putin appeared to be “in complete control” of the image he presented to others.

“I thought, ‘Wow, look at this,'” Hill said. “It’s all staged. Every little component of this has been organized. This is performance.”

She said Putin also “didn’t talk much” and “barely gave me a glimpse” throughout the meal.

It is not clear when the dinner was held, although Hill told “Desert Island Discs” that it happened while she was a racketeer. national intelligence officerwhich she did on the US National Intelligence Council from 2006 to 2009.

Hill is best known for working in the Trump administration as an adviser to Russia. In recent months, when Russia appeared to be on the verge of invading Ukraine and then did so, it was approached by several media outlets for comment regarding the former president’s interactions with Putin.

In November, Hill said she thinks Trump envied Putin because he wanted to rule the United States “as he pleases.” In January and February, Hill said more than Trump Perhaps he encouraged Putin during his tenure And Making the US look weak to Russia.

In April, Hill argued that Trump had begun to resemble Putin during his presidency, In terms of “political practice and inclination”.

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