A former Russian lawmaker says Russia should be led from the outside like Germany and Japan after World War II

Former Russian lawmaker Dmitry Gutkov, a prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, suggests that Russia should “introduce some kind of external governance.” true.

Russian protester Dmitry GutkovPhoto: Sergey Shubinsky / AFP / Profimedia Pictures

Gutkov, who He ran away He left Russia in June last year for fear of being jailed, and says that while the Russian state has truly autonomous regions, it is not clear that they will remain in a federation, even if they are united by economic advantage.

“Far from certain. But one cannot be held by force,” he said in an interview with journalists from the website. PolitNavigator.

However, he says, “We need to move in this direction, when there are different parts of a country that live by their own laws, there are some things that are important to everyone at the federal level, and the political model should provide for these. Who exercises power, what the money is spent on and so on.” Regions have the opportunity to decide.”

“I think you should try, I think you can organize at least a normal, decent life in a significant part of the territory,” says the former member of the State Duma, who left Russia. He was arrested Briefly last summer.

Dmitry Gutkov says Russia should run like Germany after World War II

Gutkov argues that Russia should be ruled from the outside and gives several historical examples of this.

“The idea is correct, because for Germany after World War II, we are talking about external governance. Japan, South Korea, there are many examples, it has always been like that,” he says.

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However, for Russia, the former deputy admits that it is difficult to implement such a model, because “the situation is very complicated” and the word “external control” should not be used, otherwise it will never work.

But the only plan to help the country move on the path of civilized development should be prepared in collaboration with the West. It is necessary to start from this,” he says.

The former deputy opposes the suspension of visas for Russian citizens

Gutkov was created in March along with other prominent Russian dissidents in exile, Garry Kasparov and former oligarch Mikhail Khodorovsky. An anti-war group Operates outside of Russia.

But he later spoke out against the suspension of visas for Russian citizens, saying that he himself would not have been able to leave Russia if such a measure had been in place when he decided to leave the country.

EU at the end of August Suspended The deal with Moscow made it easier for Russians to obtain visas for the EU summit, but decided against a wholesale halt to their issuance to all Russian citizens.

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