A former US diplomat has been pushing for a “divorce” idea between NATO and Turkey.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing a double role in relations with Russia and NATO, which is why former US ambassador to the United States Elizabeth Shackleport has said the North Atlantic Alliance should “divorce” her, according to a Greek weekly. To insurance.

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The countdown to the NATO summit, scheduled for the end of June (June 28-30), has begun, where Recep Tayyip Erdogan will take a clear stand on the North Atlantic alliance between Finland and Sweden.

Some believe (or want to believe) that the two countries will eventually pave the way for Turkey to join, but other analysts are beginning to wonder what will happen if Turkey does not eventually relinquish its veto rights.

Such a development comes at a critical time for NATO and Turkey’s relations with Russia, in the context of a war like the one in Ukraine, which will not be ruled out for months to come.

Ankara is seeking compensation from Sweden and Finland, including the Nordic countries Should change its domestic lawCoalition Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg acted as mediator to show the green light for their accession to NATO.

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The “divorce” between NATO and Turkey?

In this context, and in the context of the threat posed by the Erdogan government, there are voices proposing a “divorce” between NATO and Turkey because differences between the two sides remain unresolved.

“What attracted NATO as a partner 70 years ago is today’s Turkey really Turkey?” Asks former US diplomat Elizabeth Shackleford. He says it was easy to overcome Turkey’s shortcomings after World War II, when the coalition was formed to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union, “(Turkey) seemed to continue to move west and embrace liberal, democratic values.”

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The next decades, however, were marked by unrest. With the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2002, the West hoped this would change.

“But the commitment to democracy is not yet real, and Turkey has taken a difficult turn toward a dictatorial government,” Seckelport said.

Can NATO choose Finland and Sweden over Turkey?

According to the former diplomat, Turkey’s “anti-democratic nature” has a direct impact on NATO’s image and undermines the coalition’s security. The Turkish president plays a key role in his relations with Russia and NATO, as well as in Turkey’s acquisition. Russian S-400 missile defense systems “Confidential information about NATO weapons systems may be compromised”.

Finland and Sweden apply to join NATO after Russian invasion of Ukraine Currently blocked As for Turkey, “they have efficient, professional armies, and they share values ​​(NATO) and democracy,” Shackleford points out, suggesting that the coalition does not need Turkey.

The idea to overthrow Turkey came after a failed coup attempt in 2016 after severe repression by Turkish government opponents, and then in 2019 after Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria.

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How can Turkey be excluded from NATO?

“But since there is no way for NATO to suspend or expel an ally, the way out is not clear,” the former US diplomat said.

According to Elizabeth Shackleford, the remaining 29 NATO members could withdraw their commitment to Part 5 of Turkey’s collective defense, “basically suspending participation and any assistance it receives from NATO”, but would require a clear assessment of Turkey’s demands and risks. It shows.

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Shackleford called for a mutual compromise, saying NATO should decide whether Turkey “deserves an official security commitment”, but said the coalition should “consider its options” if it could not trust Turkey.

“(NATO) will be better off in the long run (without Turkey),” he said.

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