A groom was shot during a wedding in front of guests. Bride’s sister: “She’s broken with grief!”

Published article 02 July 2024

A wedding night turned into a nightmare for a couple when the groom was shot in front of the guests by a masked man.

Dulce and Manuel Gonzalez, St. The Louis, Missouri, couple with a ten-year relationship and two children got their wish to marry on Friday, but the wedding party turned out to be a nightmare.

During the party, two masked men entered the courtyard where the event was taking place and shouted for no one to move and demanded money from the guests, brandishing guns and threatening them.

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ok Daily MailAt one point one of the men began searching the guests’ bags, while the other became enraged and shot the 32-year-old groom several times.

“They took everything, took everything and ran”Yaribeth Pena, the bride’s sister, said Manuel was admitted to a local hospital in critical condition.

“Fighting for life. Hope they don’t give up.”Pen said, and he started moving his hands.

He revealed that his sister is “devastated with grief” and police have launched an investigation.

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“My brother-in-law was going to get his wallet, but they probably thought he was going for a gun and shot him.” Pena said in an attempt to justify the attack.

He said he now worries for the safety of his family, who live in the Touchdown neighborhood.

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“I feel like we have to go to feel safe,” He told KSDK that he asked the community to help the family find the suspects, whom he believes are teenagers.

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