A man searching for his missing wife finds her swallowed whole by a python

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Another woman was swallowed whole by a python in Indonesia in 2022 Photo: Profimedia Images

An Indonesian man searching for his missing wife was horrified to find a python with a large stomach that looked like it had swallowed something bulky.

On the morning of July 2, Siriati, a 36-year-old mother of five, left her home in a village in Luu Regency, South Sulawesi Province, to visit her brother and buy medicine at a local market. Not far from her home, she seems to have crossed paths with a large python, almost 10 meters long. International Business Times.

The woman’s husband, Adienza, became alarmed when the brother he was supposed to meet called him and told him that he had not arrived.

Anxious, Adienza searches for his wife, the same way she goes to her brother in the forest.

Upon entering the forest, the man found his wife’s sandals, and nearby he saw a large reptile with a bloated belly.

Horrified by the discovery, Adienza quickly returned to the village and asked the people for help. They immediately intervened without thinking twice and killed the snake and cut open its stomach. They found Seriati inside, but unfortunately she was lifeless.

A local investigation was carried out and it was confirmed that the woman was killed by a python around 7.30am, the village secretary told Indonesian media.

“The victim wanted to go and buy medicine for one of her children, the youngest son of 3 years. She was also going to her brother’s house and for that she had to go through the forest. Seeing her not coming to call the woman’s husband, her brother was also waiting for her. He went to look for his wife, on the road, in the forest for her. He saw the sandal and immediately suspected that he had been bitten by a snake“, said Iyang, secretary of Chitheba village.

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The head of the regional police station added that the woman’s body was intact, but a bite was found on her leg, which means that the python attacked her in this way, then coiled her and shook her, and then swallowed her- a.

A month ago, another Indonesian woman died after being swallowed by a 6-meter python in Sulawesi province.

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