A man was fired after the company counted how many times he went to the bathroom during business hours and how long he stayed

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A man in China was fired after the company counted how many times he went to the toilet during a show Photo: Shutterstock

A man was fired for spending too much time on the toilet during a show in China. Specifically, over a 10-day period that included at least one day off, he made 22 trips to the toilet and stayed between 47 and 196 minutes, according to the agency.

The employee, identified only as Wang, underwent surgery for anus problems in December 2014, but said he still had problems and pain after the surgery. Business Insider.

In July 2015, Wang began spending 3 to 6 hours a day on the toilet, Chinese labor relations publication Latong Daily reported.

From September 7 to 17, 2015, Wang went to the toilet 22 times, which means he went to the toilet 3 times every week. Each toilet break lasted between 47 minutes and 196 minutes, or more than 3 hours, according to the company’s records in the northern city of Tianjin.

Wang was fired in September 2015, citing internal disciplinary rules.

The man went to court in October 2015, and the two sides began a lengthy process to resolve the labor dispute.

The case eventually reached the High Court in Tianjin, which ruled that the periods Wang spent on the toilet did not count. “Reasonable and Normal Physiological Needs”. Bottom line, Wang didn’t get his job back.

The case has sparked heated debate on Chinese social media. Most users sided with the boss, with some sympathizing with Wang’s plight, saying he was suffering from the effects of the surgery.

According to a recent report cited by the South China Morning Post, some companies in China are under scrutiny to reduce or even ban toilet breaks. In 2021, a tech company in southern China sparked outrage by fining employees for using the toilet multiple times a day.

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